Business Security System Tips

To fully understand the security precautions you should be considering, a full comprehensive security system review is often recommended.

As part of a security review we’ve put together a list of tips and points to consider:

  • Be aware of all the possible access points to your building premises as well as the external perimeter. This includes areas such as roof spaces, skylights and adjoining walls with neighbours
  • Know which areas of your building are and are not visible from the street
  • Was your existing security system designed for your business or was it installed by a previous building owner? It’s important that your security system meets the needs of your business today
  • Discuss your security options with your insurance provider. Are they willing to offer a discount on your premiums for one system more than another. Make your decision as cost effective as you can
  • Understand what you have that may attract burglars or vandals. Internal as well as external security devices should be considered
  • Use visible deterrents such as external alarm boxes and window, door or gate and boundary stickers and signage
  • Do you have items on display after hours which may be a target of burglary (eg through windows or glass doors), minimise these as much as possible
  • Talk to other local business owners, understand local area security risks and any previous issues
  • Ensure your security system review and alarm testing is part of your annual maintenance schedule

For more tips and advice about getting the best from your home security system contact the team at CONNECTED BY CABLE today.