Home Security System Tips

We have put together a list of home security system tips for your information.

Be aware of all the access points to your property as well as your home including gates, garages, sliding doors, unlatched windows.
Know which areas of your home are and are not visible from the street or by neighbours.

If you’ve purchased a home with an existing alarm system:

  • Ensure you can change the access code
  • Know when your alarm system was last serviced.

Have a reputable company review your system to ensure it meets the needs of your family today.

  • Consider a monitored security system
  • A system installed with security cameras and remote access will allow you to use your smart phone or tablet to see what’s happening when you’re not home
  • Use visible deterrents such as external alarm boxes and window or letterbox stickers
  • Make a security system installation part of the design of any new home

For more tips and advice about getting the best from your home security system contact the team at CONNECTED BY CABLE today.