Security Cameras & CCTV

Using a security camera system for your home or business is becoming more and more common place in Australia these days. As crime rates rise and burglars become more brazen we all need to ensure our security systems are as good as they can be.

As well as providing a visible deterrent to burglars a security camera or CCTV security system can also be used to monitor activity via motion sensors, recording footage if required or giving visibility via smart phone or tablet applications.

CONNECTED BY CABLE offer a range of security camera & CCTV options including:

  • Home CCTV systems
  • Business security cameras
  • Shop security cameras
  • Motion triggered video recording cameras
  • A full camera installation service
  • Audio visual installation

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

We have a range of solutions available from very cost effective home surveillance systems to complex security solutions for large commercial operations.