Security System Installation

IT’S critical – if you’re spending money on the purchase of a good security system for your home or business you need to ensure you also have a good quality security system installation carried out by a professionally trained and licensed operator.

CONNECTED BY CABLE are licensed* installers of security systems in the greater Melbourne area. Our team of experienced installers have all been professionally trained and are professionally trained and have security equipment installer licenses.

A comprehensively designed system needs expert installation to ensure you get the maximum cost benefit and effectiveness in protecting your home & family or business assets. We do it all for you, from the design, installation and full service options.

Call one of the team at CONNECTED BY CABLE today to discuss how you can have an up to date, innovative security system installed in your home or business.

*Under section 6 of the Private Security Regulations 2016 In Victoria, only the holder of a private security individual operator registration endorsed with the activity of security equipment installer can legally install security equipment.